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Office Space

Northern Virginia Commercial Real Estate
with Ray Repage and the Repage Team

Office space is considered to be an environment that is suitable for office operations. There are several things to consider when finding and deciding on office space as it is usually an important business decision. When it comes to office space buying or leasing are the two main options to be decided upon.

Office space is a place where business, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. There are three main types of office buildings or spaces. They are classified as building types A, B, or C.

Class A usually has excellent location and access and is a newer building. They have quality tenants and are managed professionally.

Class B buildings have good locations, management and construction. These buildings are generally around three stories tall or less.

Class C buildings are around 15-25 years old and are usually located above retail or service businesses.

A few points to consider when shopping for Office Space:
·    Analyze your business and make an educated decision for the vitality of your business.
·    If you are a small to mid-size company a leasing option is a good solution.
·    Once you buy an office space you are free to rent out additional space or sell it at anytime.

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