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Contract Negotiations


When an offer is received, the listing REALTOR will be notified by telephone, in person or by fax by the Repage Team.  Contracts may be negotiated in person, over the phone or via fax.  Sellers and Buyers SHOULD READ ALL CONTRACTS BEFORE SIGNING.

I will call to set up an appointment to present the contract to you.  If the property is officially recorded with more than one owner indicated, all owners must sign the purchase agreement.  In reviewing contracts, remember, neither good nor bad economic times last.  In a buyer's market offers to purchase routinely come in lower than the asking price; whereas in a seller's market, offers are closer to the asking price.  DO NOT BE OFFENDED BY ANY OFFER RECEIVED. 

          ACCEPTANCE.  Unconditional, congratulations, you sold your home.

          REJECTION.  Unconditional, unfortunately, your home is still on the market.

          COUNTER OFFER.  This occurs when some but not all terms are acceptable; you may wish to amend the offer to reflect terms more acceptable to you.   

          NO ACTION.  If no action is taken on a contract on or before the specified time for expiration, it is considered as REJECTED, even though it may contain no signatures.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Whenever ANY change is made on a contract, the contract as originally written no longer exists and the contract as amended is now the offer on the table.  Once a change is made, no matter how slight, the buyer has absolutely no obligation or responsibility regarding the original contract.

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