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Checklist for Moving


1.     Notify Landlord of moving date

2.     Notify Post Office, bank, charge accounts, credit cards, friends, relatives, DMV and subscriptions of forwarding address

3.     Inform utility companies that services need to be put in your name effective the date of settlement or the rent-back date

4.     Cancel newspaper subscription

5.     Obtain a hazard (homeowners) insurance policy prior to closing

6.     Pick up important records such as medical files, school records, and veterinarian records

7.     Pack your former town’s phone book for future correspondence

8.     Be sure your valuables such as jewelry, documents, medicines, passports, titles, licenses and cash are with you as you travel

9.     Make travel arrangements for your pets and plants

10.  Obtain certified or cashier's check made payable to the settlement company

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